Sep 19, 2017

Graham on Bannon: ‘Me and Darth Vader are now talking to each other'

Graham and Bannon have formed a wary partnership to repeal the ACA. Photo: Jacquelyn Martin / AP

Sen. Lindsey Graham and Steve Bannon have never been friends, or anything close to it, but now Bannon is helping Graham build support for his new Affordable Care Act repeal bill. “Me and Darth Vader are now talking to each other,” Graham told me in an interview on Air Force Two today.

Why it matters: Graham needs the support of Breitbart’s readers to make sure the GOP base is enthused about his plan, which would block grant most ACA money and turn it over to the states. "Steve and I have our differences. But he loves the idea of federalism,” Graham said. "He said, 'This is the best idea I've heard in years, maybe not coming from the best guy I've known in years.’ "

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