Jan 4, 2017

Global tech gadget revenues are expected to fall in 2017

Thanks to political and economic uncertainties like Brexit and Trump, and changes in consumer preferences, the outlook for revenues from tech gadgets in 2017 is weaker than the previous year, according to the Consumer Technology Association, the group behind the convention.

Trends we're watching:

  • Smartphones: Growth will be flat from 2016. About 60% of revenue comes from emerging markets, where smartphones are winning over other devices.
  • Tablets: Continue to fall in popularity. Sales peaked in 2014.
  • PCs: Three million fewer are expected to be sold this this year.
  • TVs: Expected to fall slightly from 2016. The one exception is the 4k UltraHD TV, which is expected to see huge sales increases.
  • Wearables: Revenues are expected to hit $21 billion this year. Sales were just $4 billion in 2014.
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