Apr 10, 2017

Futurecast: Moon missions fuel dreams of Mars


Red Huber / Orlando Sentinel via AP

Giant leaps: FT's Richard Waters dives into how NASA has set its sights back on the Moon in a relaunched space race:

  • "The overlapping government and commercial ambitions point to a symbiosis that could usher in what Mr Bezos describes as a 'golden age' of innovation in space. But they also hint at a budding competition that could make the next big leap in space exploration very different from the collaborative, government-led ventures that have characterised space development in the past."
  • "A growing number of space start-ups riding on Nasa coattails hope that the agency's activities in ''cislunar' space — the region between the Earth and the moon — will create the conditions for a sustainable commercial ecosystem of suppliers and other adventurers.
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