May 2, 2017

Exercise drug made mice more fit

A new study found that mice can run 100 minutes longer without any training when given a certain compound named GW1516, per The Verge. That has scientists hoping they can turn the compound into a drug to help people who have trouble exercising due to disabilities or health issues.

How it works: Scientists injected the compound into mice and it activated their PPAR gene, making it more difficult for them to gain weight. The mice also responded better to insulin, making it less likely for them to become diabetic. (The PPAR gene can also be activated through regular exercise.)

The stats: Mice in the control group ran about 160 minutes before their blood sugar dropped below a certain level, while the GW-injected mice were able to run for 270 minutes.

The caveat: The drug hasn't been tested on humans, and miracle drugs that promote weight loss without exercise don't have a great track record.

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