Apr 12, 2017

Conservative group concerned about Trump's Ex-Im backflip

Dan Holler, a senior player at Heritage Action, wasn't thrilled to read about President Trump's newfound love for the Export-Import Bank, a government-backed agency that guarantees loans for global customers of U.S. companies.

"President Trump's commitment to creating jobs in America is laudable, but there is no evidence to suggest the Export-Import Bank plays any role in job creation," says Holler, a VP of government relations at Heritage Action.

Why conservatives like Holler are unhappy: During the campaign, Trump sounded like a principled conservative when discussing the Ex-Im Bank, telling Bloomberg the loan operation was "feather bedding for politicians" and "really not free enterprise." Now as President Trump tells the Wall Street Journal that "actually" the bank is "a very good thing" that helps "lots of small companies."

Heritage Action's perspective: "Unless the administration and lawmakers can demonstrate the bank actually creates jobs in America, there is really no argument for moving forward," Holler says. "Time would be much better spent pursuing policies that will actually make America great again."

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