Jun 21, 2017

Congressional Black Caucus rejects Trump's WH invite

Andrew Harnik / AP

The Congressional Black Caucus has denied President Trump's invitation to the White House, approximately one week after Omarosa Manigault, a WH aide and former participant on The Apprentice, sent the invite. "Through an objective assessment, we have seen no evidence that your Administration acted on our calls for action, and we have in fact witnessed steps that will hurt the Black community," the letter stated.

Don't forget: When the CBC met with Trump in March, they presented him with a 130-page document outlining policies "to advance Black families in the 21st Century." The letter argued that these calls to actions and requests for discussions "fell on deaf ears."

The letter explicitly cites AG Jeff Sessions' decision "to accelerate the failed war on drugs," Betsy DeVos's decision to cut HBCU funding and scaling back civil rights investigations in schools, and the eight attempts to communicate with Trump since January that have thus far gone ignored.

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