Mar 23, 2017

Climate change skeptics pounce at federal and state levels

Andy Wong / AP

Emboldened by the Trump administration, Republicans across the country are gearing up to challenge the scientific consensus on global warming…

  • House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith announced that a hearing later this month on climate science that will include a pair of scientists who have broken with the vast majority of their colleagues on the issue, per The Hill.
  • Rep. John Shimkus, who heads an Energy and Commerce subcommittee on the environment, told reporters yesterday that he's planning a hearing, at some point, on the "endangerment finding." That's the EPA's 2009 conclusion about the dangers of greenhouse gas pollution that underpins its Obama-era carbon regulations.
  • And in Maine…a Republican state lawmaker wants to make a person's climate change beliefs a protected category from discrimination, per the AP.

Why it matters: Even as many Republicans frame their case against Obama's regulations around economic arguments and challenging Obama's interpretation of the Clean Air Act, a vocal contingent of the GOP is also keeping up their rebellion against mainstream climate science.

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