Oct 12, 2017

California wildfires could leave "smoke taint" in wine

The remains of burned bottles of wine at the Signorello Estate winery. Photo: Eric Risberg / AP

Wines in Northern California wine country could have "smoke taint," according to USA Today, which could leave flavors like "bacon," "campfire," and "ashtray" behind.

Why it matters: While USA Today reports that it's too early to say with certainty how much of the wine from the 2017 crop will be impacted, a sommelier in Reno said "the vines have no other choice" but to breathe in the smoke.

But: A fine wine executive, Kevin Riley, told USA Today that consumers "should not assume an automatic rise in wine prices next year as a result of the wildfires." And, after the California wildfires in 2008, smoke taint in wine country "was evident, but it wasn't so off-putting it was unsellable."

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