Oct 4, 2017

Bruce Springsteen begins a sold-out ten weeks on Broadway

Adam Silverstein has seen about three dozen Bruce Springsteen concerts, and his father, Mark, around 150. Last night, they went again, this time to the Walter Kerr Theatre on West 48th Street in New York, where Springsteen was debuting before next week's official start of his first appearance on Broadway.

When it's the Boss, there are no political parties: The man who has made a career of describing the pain, love and sorrow of the ordinary working class cut through the vitriol outside. "In a day where our politics are so polarizing, no one goes to a show and looks at the person next to them and wonders if they're a Democrat or a Republican or an independent," Silverstein told me by phone today.

Springsteen is a habit for a lot of people: Lynn Klein-Rosner was seeing him for the 75th time. She was with her wife, Nicole. Klein-Rosner gave this snapshot of the show: "He moved around from guitar to piano like he did on the Devils and Dust tour, but the intimacy of the place and his stories made it feel like we were a guest in his home."

  • "Even if you aren't a huge fan of his music you would still enjoy hearing him talk about his childhood, his jokes about he never held an honest job yet that is all he sings about, and the way he so lovingly talks about his mother," she said.
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