Feb 2, 2017

Breitbart's planned French expansion isn't going smoothly

Michael Probst / AP

The Verge has an interesting look at Breitbart's expansion missteps in France ahead of this spring's presidential election in which populist darling Marine Le Pen is expected to make a strong showing.

  • The status quo: A network of far-right websites and blogs in France collectively known as the fachosphère that support Le Pen's National Front, but they're largely amateur and unprofessional.
  • The goal: Breitbart CEO Alex Marlow told Axios in late January that they're planning on a Paris bureau. A former Breitbart spokesman said the goal is to "become the centralizing hub/platform for the so-called 'anti-establishments.'"
  • The problem: Breitbart forgot to register their domains in France, so breitbart.fr and breitbartnews.fr now belong to a 22-year old student who is thinking about linking them to non-profits that fight racism and anti-Semitism.
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