Jan 18, 2017

Breitbart and Reddit were outliers in primary election

A Pew survey shows people from both parties used the same sources of information during the primary with the exception of two outlets.

Breitbart: When asked about digital news sources only, 16% of Republican Trump supporters in the primary said they used Breitbart regularly for news, compared with 8% of non-Trump primary Republicans.

Reddit: Four percent of non-Clinton Democrats named Reddit as their primary news source during the primary compared to 0% of pro-Clinton Democrats.

Our thought bubble: We're not surprised by this. Steve Bannon's Breitbart was a populist voice during the primary season, which is why its audience resonated with Trump's message. Reddit use amid non-Clinton Democrats makes sense given that the site reaches mostly millennials and as Pew notes in their findings, non-Clinton Democrats lean much younger than pro-Clinton Democrats.

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