Feb 13, 2017

Big in Business: the Trump-Trudeau summit

Topic number one for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau when he visits the White House Monday will be trade. Trudeau has much less to lose than Mexico in a NAFTA reorganization, as a dissolution of the agreement would leave in place the terms of a U.S.-Canada deal inked in 1987 that would soften the blow a U.S. withdrawal from NAFTA would deal. On the other hand, a recent study shows that Canada's economy would suffer from passage of border-adjusted tax reform.

Swiss corporate tax reform shot down by voters: Swiss voters rejected a proposal to lower corporate taxes over the weekend, bucking the trend of ever-lower corporate income duties as countries vie to host economically auspicious multinational firms. The referendum corroborates the ascendency of populism in the West, and the movement's willingness to ruffle corporate feathers.

California plans the future of the auto industry

: Detroit car makers are hopeful that the Trump Administration will roll back new emissions standards put forth in the waning hours of the Obama Administration, but the EPA isn't the auto industry's most dogged regulator. California has stringent emissions standards of its own.Mary Nichols, the head of California' air-quality regulator,

told the Wall Street Journal

"California's vehicle future is electric." Given the size of California's market, the auto industry's is too.

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