Jan 25, 2017

Big in Business: Mexico battens down the hatches

It's NAFTA time

Mexican officials are meeting with the Trump administration today and Thursday. Mexican economy secretary Ildefonso Guajardo threatened yesterday to walk away from NAFTA renegotiations if he can't get a good deal for Mexico.

But... 3M CEO Inge Thulin said on Tuesday that his company is sticking with its plans to invest in Mexico, because the firm wants to locate production close to its customers. Returns on investment are higher in faster-growing, developing economies—a reality the president can't easily ignore.

The dark side of crowdsourcing

The New York Times reports on a recent deregulation effort to allow new companies to access crowdsourced investing. The new rules have encouraged shady practices like firms marketing their securities without having their financial statements audited. Don't expect Washington to tighten regulations, or give more resources to regulators, any time soon. A side effect of this stance may be emboldened scammers ready to take advantage of the latest fundraising vehicle.

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