Jul 17, 2017

America's homebuyer remorse

Elise Amendola / AP

44% of Americans have regrets about buying their current home or the buying process, a Trulia survey reveals, per CNBC.

  • The top homeowner regret: Not choosing the correct home size (42% said this), and even among those earning above $100,000, 16% cited inadequate size as a regret.
  • Trulia's housing economics research team managing editor, David Weidner reports that "many people faced with higher mortgages and higher rents are having to settle for less when it comes to space."
  • Renters' top regret was wishing they had bought a home instead of renting (41% said this). For those of you deciding between buying a home and renting, remember one thing: it's cheaper to buy a home than to rent over seven years in every U.S. market, per Weidner.
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