Feb 16, 2017
Facts Matter

Americans say they aren't fooled by fake news

The issue:

Social networks helped fake news spread during the election. An analysis by Buzzfeed News found that fake news stories around the election generated more total engagement on Facebook than the top election-related stories from 19 measured major news outlets combined.

The Facts:

Americans are mostly confident in their ability to determine what is fake news for themselves. A Pew poll shows that around 85 percent of Americans say they are very or somewhat confident they can spot fake news.

Why it matters:

President Trump has made a habit of calling stories he doesn't like "fake news" At a recent press conference, Trump called reports about Russian leaks true, but said the news about them is fake. This is part of a long-standing, populist narrative that Donald Trump has created to drive a wedge between the public and the news media. The public says they can tell the difference.

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