Apr 10, 2017

3 not-so-glamorous duties for every new Supreme Court justice

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

Neil Gorsuch will start his new job on Friday. Since the Supreme Court runs on seniority, the newest justice has some less-than-glamorous responsibilities, as Justice Elena Kagan told The Washington Post last summer.

  1. It begins in the kitchen: Gorsuch will sit in on monthly cafeteria meetings to discuss everything from home improvements to the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies.
  2. Record keeper: He'll be the last to speak during private conferences with the other justices and responsible for taking notes during the meetings.
  3. Door holder: During a private conference, if there is a knock on the door it'll be Gorsuch's obligation to see who it is, regardless of whether he is mid-sentence or taking notes. There are no exceptions, and the other justices will stop and stare until it is answered.
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