Nov 30, 2017

25 million businesses now use Instagram

Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP

More than 25 million businesses are on Instagram, the company announced today, which is up from 15 million in July.

Why it matters: Instagram has set itself up to be a top e-commerce social platform, which is key in drawing advertisers away from other social competitors.

By the numbers: The platform currently boasts more than 2 million small business advertisers. Most of the 25 million businesses are small businesses, and roughly one-third of those say they built their brands using the platform. Over 200 million daily active users on Instagram view at least one business profile each day.

Sound smart: Snapchat insiders will tell you that this focus on a wide business community is part of what makes Instagram feel less personal.

Go deeper: Instagram's parent company, Facebook, is very focused on building relationships with small businesses to bring them into its community of advertisers and creators.

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